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Portland, OR 


October 2021




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Q & A 

- What is your background?

 I grew up in rural Idaho on the Snake River Owyhee Mountains.

- Who is your most memorable artist that inspired you growing up?

I didn’t really know any artists but I loved looking at National Geographic Magazines.

- What Artist(s) inspire you today?

I love the art of Katie Daisy and Gianna Andrews. My favorite photographer is Julia Trotti.

- Do you have a mentor or coach?

I don’t officially have a mentor or coach although I think it’s a good idea.

- What is your favorite style of art to create? 

My favorite style is mixed media. Specifically I love mixing photography with painting or collage.

F- What is your favorite medium to work with?

Photography is my first love. I also love painting with watercolor and gouache. I often paint photos I’ve taken on vacations and events to preserve special memories.

- Do you collect anything?

Small colored glass jars. The smaller and brighter the better!

Featured Artist Of The Month


Two art pieces I made that I like together. They’re mostly gouache paint with some iridescent confetti and sharpie line work.

- What hobbies, other than art, do you enjoy?

I like playing sim games, Stardew Valley is my favorite. I also like going to craft markets, going to new places, and trying new foods.

- What is your dream project? If funds, space, time, weren't an issue?

I want to write a series of children’s books in mixed media style.

- What superpower would you want & why?

I would want to fly so travel is easier and cheaper. Kinda boring but I stand by it.

Colorful Abstract Painting

This photo is from a photoshoot I did for a local floral designer.

- What are your long term goals?

My long term goals are to keep working on passive income sources, write a book, and make lots of local friendships with other business owners.

- What's the most influential book you have read recently? Why?

I usually read self help type books. Recently I liked the 4 hour work week by Timothy Harris. It’s pretty entertaining and helpful. It talks about how to be the most productive when you’re working so you have more time for other things in life

Watercolor Paint

- Introvert or Extrovert?

I’m an ambivert, so both.

- What inspires you to create today?

In photography I work often with small businesses providing them the photos they need for their business. Their stories always inspire me to keep dreaming bigger. I’m also very inspired by nature, which I see a lot of living in the Pacific Northwest.

This photo was from a creative portrait session on a rooftop in Portland.


- Do you have any exhibitions coming up, either in person or online?

 I have a lot of my work on my website, especially my blog. The best way to keep up with events and things I’m involved in is by signing up for my once a month emails. The signup for that is also on my website 


Thank you!

This photo was for a couple that eloped during Covid who wanted some wedding photos even though they didn’t get a wedding. I rained unexpectedly but they were really good sports and all their photos turned out amazing! 

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