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Springfield, OR, USA

July 2021




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Avery Shamek (Trashclan)

Q & A 

- What is your background?

1 year of Freelance Design. 27 years of doodling when I was suppose to be paying attention to other things!

- Who is your most memorable artist that inspired you growing up?

Keith Haring is hands down the most memorable artist from my childhood, I remember seeing his work in commercial ads and basically everywhere.

- What Artist(s) inspire you today?

Mr. Doodle is one that I follow closely, his style feels similar in ways and he is completely killing the gallery game. Lurklovesyou is another fantastic artist that really uses colors to bring together complex, mind-bending pieces.

Featured Artist Of The Month


Untitled_Artwork 2.jpg

 OG Clan 

- Do you have a mentor or coach?

No mentor or coach but I do have an incredibly supportive wife that helps with all kinds of aspects of the business and is a total lifesaver.

- What is your favorite style of art to create? Favorite medium to work with?

Digital art is the shit, you have no waiting periods for paint to dry and a lot of the time the end result is pristine. That being said I mess around with many different mediums to keep things fresh.

- Do you collect anything?

I have a small glass art collection.

Colorful Abstract Painting

- What hobbies, other than art, do you enjoy?

Hiking, Biking, and chillin with the family.

- What is your dream project? If funds, space, time, weren't an issue?

I have always wanted to work on a large mural or just a large-scale meaningful project that connects with people on an emotional level and gives back to the local community.

- What superpower would you want & why?

To disappear when an awkward situation arises. Because it happens too damn much.

Untitled_Artwork 4.jpg

 Mental Chaos 

Watercolor Paint
Untitled_Artwork 3.jpg

- What are your long term goals?

Go to tattoo school and start poking people for a living while running/expanding the art and merch business.

I also plan on hosting a few solo galleries within the next year and plan to keep going from there.

- What's the most influential book you have read recently? Why?

I read "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" , it's just an incredible book and touches on important subjects such as oppression and condescending societal views towards people that don't fit the "norm".

- Introvert or Extrovert?




- What inspires you to create today?

Being able to go online or even out around town and seeing artists not only making money but really making good money while actually doing what they enjoy every day. That is really the true dream and if I can support my family while making art hat connects with others and makes them feel good then what else could I need.

- Do you have any exhibitions coming up, either in person or online?

I don't have any dates setup for exhibits at this time, although that could change very quickly with places starting to open back up. That being said I'm constantly posting new art on Instagram or on the website.


 Melancholy Cluster 

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